Synthetic Mica-based Pearlescent Pigment

The pigment is ideal choice for most applications including cosmetics, plastics, coatings, inks and paints.

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Leio synthetic mica-based pearlescent pigment has excellent crystal Effect. It is a range of premium quality pearlescent pigments, made of synthetic mica, covered with titanium oxide and metal oxide. It has exceptional reflectivity, pure white luster effect, high chroma colors and intense metallic sparkle.

The pigment is nontoxic, water and solvent resistant and low heavy metal content, ideal choice for most applications including cosmetics, plastics, coatings, inks, and paints.    

Item No.  Color Particle Size
L8003 Super Luster White 5-25µm
L8005 Super Glossy White 2-15µm
L800 Super Flash White 60-350µm
L8000 Super Flash Silver 50-300µm
L8300 Super Flash White 30-150µm
L8400 Super Sparkle White 20-80µm
L8800 Super Flash White 200-700µm
L8900 Super Flash White 200-1000µm
L6510 Crystal White 40-200µm
Crystal Interference Series 
L6501 Crystal Glossy Gold 10-60µm
L6502 Crystal Glossy Red 10-60µm
L6503 Crystal Glossy Violet 10-60µm
L6504 Crystal Glossy Blue 10-60µm
L6505 Crystal Glossy Green 10-60µm
L6581 Crystal Flash Gold 20-100µm
L6582 Crystal Flash Red 20-100µm
L6583 Crystal Flash Violet 20-100µm
L6584 Crystal Flash Blue 20-100µm
L6585 Crystal Flash Green 20-100µm
L6520 Crystal Gold 40-200µm
L6530 Crystal Red 40-200µm
L6540 Crystal Violet 40-200µm
L6550 Crystal Blue 40-200µm
L6560 Crystal Green 40-200µm
L6571 Crystal Gold 60-320µm
L6572 Crystal Red 60-320µm
L6573 Crystal Violet 60-320µm
L6574 Crystal Blue 60-320µm
L6575 Crystal Green 60-320µm
L6591 Crystal Gold 200-700µm
L6592 Crystal Red 200-700µm
L6593 Crystal Violet 200-700µm
L6594 Crystal Blue 200-700µm
L6595 Crystal Green 200-700µm
Crystal Golden Luster Series 
L6302 Platinum Gold 5-30µm
L6305 Platinum Gold 10-60µm
L6315 Platinum Gold 20-100µm
L6325 Platinum Gold 40-200µm
L6610 Crystal Light Gold 10-60µm
L6611 Crystal Gold 10-60µm
L6612 Crystal Red Gold 10-60µm
L6620 Crystal Flash Gold 20-100µm
L6621 Crystal Flash Gold 20-100µm
L6622 Crystal Flash Red Gold 20-100µm
L6600 Crystal Light Gold 40-200µm
L6603 Crystal Deep Gold 40-200µm
L80305 Sparkle Gold 60-320µm
L6633 Crystal Light Gold 60-320µm
L6688 Super Sparkle Gold 200-700µm
Crystal Charming Color Series 
L4421 Crystal Gold 10-60µm
L4415 Crystal Red 10-60µm
L4424 Crystal Violet 10-60µm
L4419 Crystal Violet 10-60µm
L4435 Crystal Green 10-60µm
L4405RB Crystal Red Blue 10-60µm
L4422 Crystal Gold 10-60µm
L4423 Crystal Orange 10-60µm
L4482 Crystal Flash Scarlets 10-100µm
L4483 Crystal Flash Rose Red 10-100µm
L4484 Crystal Flash Blue 10-100µm
L4485 Crystal Flash Jade 10-100µm
Crystal Metal Luster Series 
L6521 Crystal Glossy Bronze 5-30µm
L6522 Crystal Brown 5-30µm
L6524 Crystal Glossy Wine Red 5-30µm
L6641 Crystal Bronze 10-60µm
L6642 Crystal Brown Red 10-60µm
L6643 Crystal Wine Red 10-60µm
L6661 Crystal Flash Bronze 20-100µm
L6662 Crystal Flash Brown Red 20-100µm
L6663 Crystal Flash Wine Red 20-100µm
L6650 Crystal Bronze 40-200µm
L6652 Crystal Brown Red 40-200µm
L6654 Crystal Wine Red 40-200µm
L6670 Crystal Bronze 60-320µm
L6672 Crystal Brown Red 60-320µm
L6674 Crystal Wine Red 60-320µm
L6690 Crystal Bronze 200-700µm
L6694 Crystal Wine Red 200-700µm
Crystal High Bright Metal Luster Series 
L7501 Crystla Light Gold Bronze 10-60µm
L7502 Crystal Gold Bronze 10-60µm
L7503 Crystal Brown Gold Bronze 10-60µm
L7504 Crystal Red Gold Bronze 10-60µm
L7511 Crystal Light Gold Bronze 20-100µm
L7512 Crystal Gold Bronze 20-100µm
L7513 Crystal Brown Gold Bronze 20-100µm
L7514 Crystal Red Gold Bronze 20-100µm
L7521 Crystal Light Gold Bronze 5-30µm
L7522 Crystal Gold Bronze 5-30µm
L7523 Crystal Brown Gold Bronze 5-30µm
L7524 Crystal Red Gold Bonze 5-30µm

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