Natural Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigment

Color effect from silver white, interference, gold luster, colored to bronze.

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Our natural mica-based pearlescent pigment has 5 series Silver White Series, Interference Series, Golden Luster Series, Chromatic Luster Series, and Metal Luster Series are made based on natural mica coated by TiO2 (or/ and metal oxide). The effect varies from silky shinning to strong sparkle, depending on the particle size distribution. They are suitable for paints& coatings, plastics, masterbatches, papers, printings, rubbers, synthetic leather, etc.

Item No. Color Partical Size
L100 Bright White 10-60µm
L101 Fine White 30-70µm
L103 Bright Silver 10-60µm
L104 Silk Silver 10-40µm
L110 Glossy White <15µm
L111 Rutile fine satin <15µm
L119 Fine Silver 5-20µm
L120 Luster White 5-25µm
L121 Luster Silver 5-25µm
L123 Glary Silver 5-25µm
L151 Flash White 10-100µm
L152 Sheen Silver 10-100µm
L153 Glitter White 20-120µm
L154 Twinkle White  30-150µm
L163 Sparkle White 50-200µm
L173 Silk White 10-40µm
L1000 Bright White 10-50µm
L183 Sparkle White 50-500µm
L193 Flash Pearl  70-700µm
Interference Series 
L201 Glossy Gold 5-25µm
L205 Gold  10-60µm
L208 Silk Gold 10-40µm
L211 Glossy Red 5-25µm
L215 Red  10-60µm
L216 Violet Red  10-60µm
L217 Copper 10-60µm
L219 Violet 10-60µm
L221 Glossy Blue 5-25µm
L223 Glossy Violet  5-25µm
L224 Violet 10-60µm
L2205 Gold  10-60µm
L225 Blue 10-60µm
L231 Glossy Green 5-25µm
L235 Green 10-60µm
L249 Flash Gold 10-100µm
L259 Flash Red 10-100µm
L269 Flash Violet 10-100µm
L289 Flash Blue 10-100µm
L299 Flash Green 10-100µm
Golden Luster Series 
L300 Gold  10-60µm
L301 Metal Gold 10-60µm
L302 Glossy Gold 5-25µm
L303 Deep Gold 10-60µm
L304 Mayan Gold 10-60µm
L305 Red Gold 10-60µm
L306 Olympic Gold 10-60µm
L307 Black Gold 10-60µm
L308 Green Gold 10-60µm
L323 Glossy Deep Gold 5-25µm
L351 Flash Gold 10-100µm
L355 Glitter Gold 20-120µm
L3308 Glossy Gold <15µm
L320 Sunlight Gold 10-60µm
L390 Flash Gold 40-200µm
Chromatic Luster Series 
L400B Blue  10-60µm
L402 Silver Black 10-60µm
L402B Carbon Black 10-60µm
L403 Peach Blossom 10-60µm
L408 Blackish Green 10-60µm
L410 Cupreous brown 10-60µm
L411 Fuscous Brown 10-60µm
L415 Magenta 10-60µm
L416 Red 10-60µm
L417 Orange Red 10-60µm
L418 Rose Red  10-60µm
L419B Violet 10-60µm
L420 Yellow 10-60µm
L421 Golden Yellow 10-60µm
L422 Emerald Green 10-60µm
L423 Red Gold 10-60µm
L425 Magic Blue 10-60µm
L427 Cobalt Blue 10-60µm
L428 Peach Red 10-60µm
L430 Fuscous Brown 10-100µm
L431 Olive Green 10-60µm
L432 Saffron 5-25µm
L435B Apple Green 10-60µm
L437 Glitter Green 10-100µm
L438 Cyan 10-60µm
L451 Glitter Blue 10-100µm
L483 Violet 10-60µm
L491 Shimmer Gold 10-100um
Metal Luster Series 
L500 Bronze 10-60µm
L502 Red Brown 10-60µm
L504 Wine Red 10-60µm
L505 Purple Brown 10-60µm
L508 Ruby Brown 10-60µm
L509 Green Brown 10-60µm
L510 Coffee 10-60µm
L520 Glossy Bronze 5-25µm
L522 Glossy Brown 5-25µm
L524 Glossy Red 5-25µm
L525 Glossy Mauve  5-25µm
L526 Glossy Coffee 5-25µm
L530 Flash Bronze 10-100µm
L532 Flash Red Brown 10-100µm
L534 Flash Wine Red 10-100µm
L535 Flash Mauve 10-100µm

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