Diamond Effect Pigment

The substrate is completely transparent. It creates brilliant sparkle with fascinating effect.

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Leio calcium aluminum borosilicate-based pigment has a diamond effect pigment consisting of transparent synthetic glass flake, coated with titanium dioxide and metal oxide. The substrate is completely transparent. It creates brilliant sparkle with fascinating effects.

They are suitable used for coating, cosmetics, plastic, printing products, and leather, especially suited to powder coatings, industrial coatings, and dispersion paints, as well as household appliances and wood surfaces.

Item Particle size(μm) Color
1. Super Sparkling Silver White series 
D1001 5-30 Diamond Fine White
D1010 10-60 Eburnean Fine White
D1110 20-100 Eburnean White
D1210 80-200 Eburnean Glitter White
D1310 50-300 Navajo White
D5820-B 50-200 Trichromic
2. Dream colorful Series
D2001 10-60 Irisated Fine Gold
D4002 10-60 Irisated Fine Red
D5003 10-60 Irisated Fine Purple
D6004 10-60 Irisated Fine Blue
D8005 10-60 Irisated Fine Green
D2101 20-100 Irisated Gold
D4102 20-100 Irisated Red
D5103 20-100 Irisated Purple
D6104 20-100 Irisated Blue
D8105 20-100 Irisated Green
D2201 80-200 Irisated Glitter Gold
D4202 80-200 Irisated Glitter Red
D5203 80-200 Irisated Glitter Purple
D6204 80-200 Irisated Glitter Blue
D8205 80-200 Irisated Glitter Green
D2301 50-300 Kylin Gold
D4302 50-300 Indian Red
D5303 50-300 Light Coral Purple
D6304 50-300 Alice Blue
D8305 50-300 Komit Green
3. Thermal Resistance Chromatic Series
D8311 80-200 Light Gold
D8321 80-200 Sunny Gold
D8331 80-200 Red Gold
D5733 30-150 Mellow Gold
D5734 30-150 Greenish Gold
D5511 80-200 Bronze
D5520 80-200 Dark Cupreous
D5522 80-200 Red Brown
D5754 30-150 Dark Bronze
D5755 30-150 Brown
4. Magic Multicolor Series
D4405 80-200 Magic Bright Gold
D4425 80-200 Magic Bright Red 
D4422 80-200 Magic Bright Violet
D4421 80-200 Magic Bright Blue 
D4431 80-200 Magic Bright Green 
D4417 80-250 Shimmer Sunset Yellow
D4419 50-300 Shimmer Purplish Red
D4420 50-300 Shimmer Lemon Yellow
D4423 50-300 Shimmer Orange
D4435 50-300 Shimmer Fruit Green
D4426 50-300 Shimmer Rose Red Blue
D4711 20-100 Lemon Yellow
D4712 20-100 Reddish Gold
5. Color Movable series
D9032 10-60 Red/Orange
D9037 10-60 Green/Red
D9058 10-60 Yellow/Green/Blue
D9130 50-100 Gold/Green
D9133 50-100 Purple/Red
D9135 50-100 Blue/Purple
D9137 50-100 Green/Red
D9165 50-100 Blue/Purple/Red
D9167 50-100 Green/Blue/Purple
D9187 20-100 Blue/Purple/Red
D9188 20-100 Yellow/Green/Blue
D9283 80-200 Purple/Red/Gold
D9285 80-200 Cyan/Violet
D9287 80-200 Blue/Purple
D9288 80-200 Yellow/Green/Blue
Silver Coated Effect Pigments
LS-00PS 100-300 Super Flash Silver
LS-01PS 80-200 Sparkle Silver
LS-02PS 20-100 Glitter Silver
LS-03PS 10-60 Silver
LS-04PS 30-150 Sparkle Silver
LS-05PS 20-80 Glitter Silver

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