Aluminum pigment

Leio aluminum powder based pigments offering metallic effects with high chroma and gloss.

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Leio aluminium pigment is aluminum powder-based pigment offering metallic effects with high chroma and gloss.

The pigment can be combined with other effect pigments and colorants such as pearlescent and organic pigments. It enables formulators to create new amazing colors. 

Leio aluminum pigments offer outstanding metallic colors in gold, orange, red, blue, green, and silver shades.

Product Features:

  1. The particles are distributed evenly. This structure allows the light to be reflected by the flakes and emitted out through the coating film, enhancing whiteness, lightnessof films.
  2. Distinctivemetallic effect, brilliant color and luster, high chroma and excellent hiding power.
  3. Anti-acid, anti-alkali and non-migration.
  4. Easy to disperse and compatible with most systems.

Application field:

cosmetics, paints and coatings, plastic, ink and decorations etc.

Item Particle size(μm) Color
G215 10-50 Kylin Fine Gold
G315 30-60 Kyline Gold
G615 50-80 Kyline Shimmer Gold
G335 30-60 Luxury Gold
G635 50-80 Shimmer Luxury Gold
G337 30-60 Splendid Gold
G637 50-80 Shimmer Splendid Gold
OR215 10-50 Fine Orange
OR315 30-60 Dark Orange
OR615 50-80 Shimmer Orange
R335 30-60 Blaze Red
R635 50-80 Shimmer Blaze Red
B315 30-60 Royal Blue
B325 30-60 Royal Light Blue
B617 50-80 Shimmer Purplish Blue
B615 50-80 Royal Shimmer Blue
G315 30-60 Oliver Green
G615 50-80 Oliver Shimmer Gold
G317 30-60 Forest Green
G617 50-80 Forest Shimmer Green
S315 30-80 Metal Silver
S615 50-80 Shimmer Metal Silver
S815A 50-150 Super Shimmer Metal Silver
S615A 50-80 Shimmer Metal Silver
S315A 30-80 Metal Silver

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